Post 2 – adding to the fleet 1953 Holly 17′

It is my nature to research excessively when a subject catches my interest. Luckily that tendency led me to Mobiltec’s website

Larry has tons of informative videos that can teach you how to address any issue your camper has, in the correct way that will ensure your camper is fixed right and safe to use. I jumped on the canned ham bandwagon and was determined to fix my camper the right way. But…it’s a big job and honestly, I wasn’t sure I wanted such a big project for my first restore.

One day I decided to just look around the country to see what is available in other areas. I checked facebook marketplace in Michigan, because it seems that most campers come from Michigan, were built there, or at least the camper flippers seem to be going north to bring them south to sell. I came across a 1953 17′ Holly with an obviously hand painted exterior. But, in the dark photos it looked pretty good. I hit save and went on about my day.

The Holly would pop up and I’d notice it in my saved items. After a couple of months and the seller lowering the price a couple of times, I jokingly messaged him and suggested he meet me halfway and deliver. He declined but he did give me his lowest price. I requested lots of photos – we spoke on the phone and I tortured him with questions.

And…I bought it. Then, the issue was getting it here. I toyed with towing it home myself but my truck coincidentally began giving me trouble about that time. I tried to find an affordable shipper and was unsuccessful.

The seller had a mobile RV tech that serviced his camper and offered to handle bearings and new tires for me. The Tech took the camper to his shop and I took advantage of his skills and had him also rewire the electric brakes, new 7 pin connection with new wiring, new breakaway switch with dedicated battery, new tow chains and a stainless 30 amp outlet. He also straightened out the fuse box which was wired incorrectly. She was ready to roll!

I highly recommend Campers Choice RV Collision and Repair in Merrill, Michigan. John did great work on my Holly and was great about keeping me updated on progress. It was his first vintage camper. I think he had a good time working on it. He said he had to block it in with other campers because people called every day asking about it. Welcome to Vintage Camper Stalkers!

By the time I had a decent tow vehicle in place, I was unable to break away from work. I decided to pay someone to bring her home rather than have her sit out in the snow til spring. This Georgia girl does not drive in snow! The couple that brought the trailer to me were great, and it was FAST. They picked up on a Monday and delivered Tuesday afternoon – 888 miles.

So, here she is. Delivered to my door and better than I could have ever expected. She was stored inside from the 80s until a couple of years ago. There is a little rot in the rear but very fixable. At some point the boyfriend door was broken into and leaked – but it’s not too bad. Overall, I don’t think this one is nearly as scary and will be a much better introduction to camper restoration. I like the smaller size too. She fits in the garage really well with room around to walk around and work.





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