Tools and Travail

A friend stopped by to pick up some free junk from my garage. Earlier that day, I had removed the lower bunk mattress from the Holly, which was not easy let me tell you. Together, we tried to remove the box spring. I had suspected the box spring was the original, now I am sure! We could not get it out. I don’t think it’s going anywhere unless I cut it in half or remove it when I’m working on the rear end. Can’t see sleeping on 1953 dust mites tho. ick. The good news was lifting it up and attempting removal gave me a good look underneath and the only area showing problems is still the left rear corner. There was no evidence of rodents or anything getting in the bedding either.

Amazon delivered today – I finally pulled the trigger on some Vampliers! Thankfully, the ’53 Holly has more screws vs twisty nails on the exterior than the ’56, but there are still some twisty nails on the rear. Curiously, there are philips pan head screws on the front end. All of the rest are slotted pan head screws (on both trailers) This has me wondering if someone has raised the front end metal before. Possible…tho I can’t think why as it does not show any repairs.

Hey all you Holly owners out there – Larry at tells me we are lucky that our cap rail (trim that is in usual J-rail place) is screwed on rather than nailed. Apparently, in some brands it’s usual to use twisty nails to attach, creating some pretty serious issues at removal time making it almost impossible to remove it without damaging. woohoo! I imagine it would be pricey to replace it all.

I think my cap rail has been removed before. I hope it was not sealed up again with something funky. There is def some lap sealant on the upper left corner. Good, that they stopped the leak. Bad that I have to remove it!


I have not begun discovery yet. I’m still toying with the idea of giving the interior a good scrubbing so I can take her to one sister on the fly event in the spring before beginning work. She is tow worthy enough, just grubby and I’m of course not sure about how well she is sealed so that is a concern. You can stand in a trailer in a driving rain – but you still don’t KNOW if it’s leaking or not until it’s too late. I’m glad I can store her indoors.

I picked these jadeite cups up at an estate sale. When I came home, I was chided for buying unapproved décor! My daughter has informed me that she is in charge of decorating. Because you know, I’ve only been hoarding old stuff MY ENTIRE LIFE in anticipation of finally having a vintage camper for it all. Sigh. I’m glad she is showing an interest at least. I’ll secretly have two themes…hehe


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