Scrubbing the stove

Today I needed to work so of course I procrastinated by going out to clean the Holly a little bit. I spent some time with the toothbrush cleaning the Formica edges and the Dixie stove. Many years ago some kind soul placed tin foil inside the stove, protecting the enameled interior. Nobody will ever know it’s pristine, but it gives me joy at least!

I wonder how many times I will hit my head on the bunk before I learn to avoid it? My head is ringing from this last one! Owie!

I plugged her in with the furrion cable – very convenient to have ceiling outlets. The camper has power without cables snaking across the floor to trip on. It’s lovely inside with the lights on. I’m glad I had the elec fixed before having it delivered.

When I remove the skin to fix rot, I will rewire what I can and add some outlets. But for now light is good!

I took out the dinette table and it really opened things up. I’m just not a dinette fan. I’ll store it and use it for when I’m at a rally and want to set up but for regular camping I’ll probably just sit on the seats and prop my feet up. Note: need cool mid century hassock.

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