Taking off…

Finally, pulled back some of the skin and have revealed the back left corner. It really looks pretty good. Remember, this trailer is 66 years old. Check out the beefy framing!

Getting the boyfriend door out was a struggle. It was secured with the dreaded black putty – a tar like substance that for all I know IS tar. I know it is some sticky stuff and you have to basically cut the part off if it’s adhered with it.

I don’t know if wiring was super expensive in 1953 but man oh man Holly barely ran enough to wire things up. Removing anything electric is a huge pain. I’m working with 2-3″ ends at best. I was planning to rewire anyway, but it’s kind of unexpected that the wiring is plastic coated, and not cloth covered. It may depend on the gauge.


Critters! There have been critters! I think there has been some termite activity perhaps? Could just be rot. Either way, yet another argument for checking under the skin.


Grace Joined me in the shop last night. She had a good time wandering about and seemed unfazed by all the hammerin’



Tech talk! I wonder why this fan struggles to work? Could it be the gooey coating on all the surfaces? I think someone actually cooked in this camper. Imagine that.

I wonder if Holly has different framing for units with the bunk? Maybe that is why it is marked? I know everyone says that bunks and dinettes are structural, but there are Holly models with click clack sofas in front and back – no built-ins. hmmm. We will never know for sure.

That all I have to report at this time. My hands hurt.

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