Productive Weekend


I’m still taking windows out. The front window in particular was a BEAR to get out because the screw heads were so rusted. I used my Dremel to cut the slots deeper and it was still a struggle. It seems like the ol’ put the screwdriver in and hit it with a hammer is the best way to dislodge a rusted screw. That said, they are only rusty on the outside which is what we want to see! No water intrusion in the camper or even on the wood frames. From now on, all of my campers have to have Woodlin gasketed windows. Truly amazing. Oh, and to stay nice it really needs to be stored inside which is the real reason this one is so well preserved, having been stored inside from 80s to a couple of years ago.

If you need an argument for removing windows check out the bug population in the above pic!

I managed to get all windows out of 3 sides. Next is the door side. So far, this trailer is very close to a barn find. If it has not been moved outside the last couple of years it would have been perfect. I mean, except for the hand painted paint job.

When I took the rear window off it had the expected goo as a sealer. When I took the side windows off, they did not. I was confused! I did a little research and turns out that Woodlin windows were original installed with a rubber gasket around the exterior then screwed in place. Some have another gasket on the inner side but mine do not. I will add them when I restore them. Luckily all of the gaskets ARE available at so I can restore my windows and reinstall them properly.

I don’t know what is up with all the bugs behind the window frames. I guess they would enter the trailer, not be able to get out and crawl behind the frames? So far, I have not any behind the metal in the walls so that’s a good thing. I have identified them as Wester Conifer Seed bug. All dead, mixed in with large flies. Maybe this camper was stored next to a farm or fields. ick.

Here are some Woodlin window pics…it’s hard to see the gasket because someone painted it. But yeah, that’s all there is protecting from water intrusion. They put a little black putty where the two levels of skin meet to bridge the gap. It is nice to just remove the screws and the windows just come on out. No goo other than under the brows.

Look at this pristine front window opening! Incredible!

no rot on the side window frame either!

There are a lot of twisty nails in my future. When I get the rest of the windows out, I’ll need to start on the rear end. It should be interesting. Most scary is the front left lower corner where there is evidence of possible repairs. I’m hoping that is nothing bad. There is no evidence on the interior.

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