All Windows out!

I received a phone call today confirming my reservation at a rally. Suddenly, I realized how much I have to do to this camper! Sooo off to the garage I went and worked for several hours. All of the windows are out now. I am on the fence about removing the door. I may wait to pull the metal away over and under it to see how it looks.

I’m worried it may be hard to get square when I put it back in. But, I guess the only way to reseal it is to remove and reinstall.

I am surprised that ANY Holly trailer has ever leaked without an injury. The black goo is pretty well still sealing after all these years. You would not think the gasket installation method of Woodlin windows would work but only 1 out of all 11 windows has ANY rot and it’s very minor.  I am sure the “brows” help keep water off the windows and made a big difference.

It’s cool how the framing is hand marked Bunk Bed. I wonder if they used a different framing for the bunks or if it’s just a reminder to put a bunk in. The bunk is screwed in from the outside so it’s an area I’ll be looking at to check. 

The rogue nail that missed the framing was probably done that way at the factory. I can’t explain the 2″ one I pulled out! There do appear to be some large nails on the larger framing pieces. btw- check out that pristine framing! I’m a little worried about replacing the nails that hold the skin on. I can’t drive a nail straight to save my life and these are VERY close to the edge.

Pulling off the caprail is a joy. Not!

I have to be very careful because it can’t be replaced. They make a repro but it’s not the same. Luckily the original stuff is not too flimsy so as long as you are cautious and use a box cutter to cut the black stuff it will come off without a lot of bending.

On the bright side – the top edge framing looks really good and wide enough to support an awning rail. I’ll need to make sure there is no wiring or rot behind it. 

So far, other than the boyfriend door the lower edge seems to be the biggest problem area. I guess that must be from road water intrusion during travel. I don’t have it all the way open yet tho. Certainly the insulation board on the bottom has some issues. I’ll know more tomorrow.

It’s so great to have an inside space to work. I am glad I had my garage converted to hold the camper. I also highly recommend a rolling staircase. I picked mine up on facebook marketplace.

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